Free mobile app to let attendees identify and locate who matters to them at professional events.

Attendees are guided to meet in sponsored areas.

Analytical data for sponsors and event managers to measure impact.

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SpotAware sends valuable notifications to attendees

"John Smith, CEO of #The Company# is at #Sponsor# exhibition area right now"

Create and manage your event

Create your event in Eventbrite and share the SpotAware app link with attendees - check Free Version

Identify key spots in the venue such as sponsored exhibitions stands and guide attendees to those areas - check Premium

Assure high-accuracy location of attendees by positioning Bluetooth low-energy beacons at key spots in the venue - check Premium

Free mobile app for attendees

Register via LinkedIn account and access to the huge event list provided by Eventbrite.

Join any event and start networking immediately with other attendees.

Check how relevant other attendees are based on working fields and skills.

During the event, get real-time information about the location of others, while letting them know where you are.

Go offline at any time to protect your privacy.

Connect and chat with each other to schedule meetings.

Analytical data for sponsors and event managers

Access real time analytic data about the number of attendees in different venue areas.

Check the new networking connections established thanks to the system App.

Inform partners and sponsors to measure event's impact.

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"Traditional event apps will no longer exist. - Everyone's talking about mobile apps, but Berger believes that apps as we know them today will   no longer exist. Rather than a stand-alone app for one trade show or convention, imagine an app that works for hundreds of face-to-face experiences and even suggests new meetings for users." 6 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Meetings And Conventions By David McMillin

"the most exciting aspects of mobile apps of the future will be the use of beacon technology and heat maps - showing exactly where attendees are in the event at specific times. Its still the early days but we expect that to become the norm over the next few years" Lawrence Coburn, CEO and co-founder of DoubleDutch, March 2016:

"Meaningful networking and matchmaking are the tools that will secure effective marketing and incredibly high satisfaction rates." Juluis Solaris, editor, EventMB, September 2016:

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